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Rocket Cart
Emblematic culture
Heavy Weapon
Ranged-combat Unit. Can only move or attack in a turn. Cannot retaliate against close-combat Units.
The targeted Unit cannot move next turn.

Rocket Cart

Capable of carrying hundreds of rocket-powered arrows, the Ming revel in the suppressing firepower of their fire racks.

The oldest reference describing in detail a mixture that can be considered to be gunpowder was found in a Chinese text dating from 808. At the accession of the Ming Dynasty (1368) the use of gunpowder in warfare was already quite widespread, and was particularly common during the Song-Mongol wars of the 13th century. Indeed, the Ming armies had at their disposal a wide variety of weapons and devices that used gunpowder for its explosive or incendiary properties: the first rockets and bombs, which appeared in the 13th century, had already been perfected and by the 14th century more than one soldier in ten were issued with the first examples of pistols. Rocket launchers could be used to fire scores of projectiles. For a long time these devices were far from accurate, but they could be used to disrupt cavalry charges by frightening the horses and their riders.