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The Galileo Affair

With a flourishing university network, esteemed natural philosopher, Galileo Galilei, has published work espousing the view that the sun -- and not the earth -- lies at the center of the cosmos, in contradiction to Christian scholasticism. The church calls for a trial to find him guilty of heresy. What is your position on the controversial scientist?

Choices :

The trial will cost, but standing against the church would be a mistake.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Tradition
  • -150
  • Fanatical on AllMyCities for ∞

The truth is the highest ideal. Gold from our coffers will go to defend Galileo -- and others of his ilk.

  • Modifies the Order axis towards Liberty
  • Science Investing on AllMyCities for ∞

Moving between our inventor workshops in strict disguise, Galileo will complete his work on cannon operations.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards Homeland
  • new Army "Galileo's Army" next to "ScienceCity"