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Of Currents and Crossings

Of Currents and Crossings

The tribe stops short at the riverbank, hesitant to wade into waters that seem to be flowing unusually fast and deep. Thanks to recent rains, this peaceful stream has swelled—the current strengthened enough to make fording it a dangerous maneuver. Indeed, you watch in awe as a large tree branch, felled by the storms, rushes past in the blink of an eye, carried downstream on the river’s choppy surface. What orders do you give the tribe?

Choices :

The ground here is littered with broken trees and branches. Perhaps some others travel well on the water.

  • -15% on Sailing research cost -15% on Fishing research cost

Using reeds and wood, the tribe fashions a makeshift raft to cross the river.

  • Buoyant on MyArmyUnits for ∞

This current is too powerful. We will make haste to reach our destination on foot.

  • Swift on MyArmyUnits for ∞