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The Lost Cities of Gold III

The Lost Cities of Gold III

The fabled lost city of gold may never have existed, but that hasn't stopped an energetic group of young entrepreneurs being inspired by the stories and legends from the past. With dreams of striking it rich, the group has instituted small-scale gold mining operations in the water courses around {0}, and their efforts are paying dividends. Unfortunately, the gold panning comes at a high environmental cost as mercury poisoning is an inevitable by-product of the process. What is your response?

Choices :

We mustn't crush such entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of the ecological damage.

  • Modifies the Economic axis towards Individualism
  • Prosperous on MyCapital for ∞
  • +500

We will shut down these operations, but the ingenuity of these engineers shouldn't be lost.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards Homeland
  • Overproductive on MyCapital for ∞
  • +100

Only by fully funding clean-up operations can we hope for a clean environment.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Progress
  • Science Investing on MyCapital for ∞