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Cultures of Latin America Pack
A Splash of Color

A Splash of Color

Searching through the remnants of a long-deserted dwelling, your tribe come across a collection of small stone bowls, each holding a vividly-colored powder. Nearby, the source of the different powders is evident—an array of mineral rocks that could be similarly ground up. The tribal shaman tells you the powders could be harnessed in several different ways, each with its uses. For what purpose should you use these powders?

Choices :

These powders can shield our fighters from the ravages of sun and stings.

  • Ferocious on MyArmyUnits for ∞

We will leave our mark on the land, and our legend will spread.

  • +10

Seeding our foraging lands with a mix of these powders will give us a great bounty.

  • +20 on MyArmy