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Mixed Banners

Mixed Banners

Our armies reflect our history – who we once were, who we are now, how we fight, and how we appear to the wider world. But, of late, some of your generals have expressed reservations about the diversity within their ranks. True, the multiformity of our warriors grants our armies a wide range of effective disciplines and weapons. However, your more traditionalist commanders argue that this same variety prevents our forces from fighting with one mind, and introduces disorder where there should be order. How do you wish to be represented upon the field of battle?

Choices :

Encouraging universality in our ranks will ensure a steady stream of recruits from the many lands we own – though more warriors mean more rations.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards World
  • Sacrificing on AllCities for ∞

Mandate that all our warriors are trained to think and fight the same way. It will improve discipline and decrease costs.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Tradition
  • Parsimonious on AllCities for ∞

There is no need for change, only for greater motivation. Arrange a grand military parade - a show of support to inspire our troops.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards Homeland
  • Patriotic on AllCities for ∞
  • -1000