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Wanting To Believe
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Wanting To Believe

Unknown lights have been reported as appearing in the skies above {0}, moving in an irregular, inexplicable manner. Some call them proof that humanity is not alone in the universe, others suspect foreign espionage of some kind, while many even claim it is somehow your doing, following our recent innovations in rocketry and radars. Alarm and excitement grips the people of {0} in equal measure – as does a lust for answers. How, if at all, do you wish to respond to these alleged unexplained flying objects?

Choices :

This is an opportunity for profit above all else – we must open a raft of UFO-themed visitor centers, cafés and souvenir shops.

  • Modifies the Economic axis towards Individualism
  • Prosperous on ScienceCity for ∞

A public statement will reassure the public that this is all nonsense, while leaving the tin-foil-behatted free to believe whatever makes them happy.

  • Modifies the Order axis towards Liberty
  • Celebrating on ScienceCity for ∞

Construct a secret facility. Whether this phenomenon is natural or technological, we must study it - and ultimately exploit it.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Progress
  • Chances of triggering another narrative event
  • Science Investing on ScienceCity for ∞