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Cultures of Africa Pack
Revenge of the Pharaohs

Revenge of the Pharaohs

Following the unexpected exhumation of a millennia-old casket by a mining operation near {0}, you order that the remarkably well-preserved mummy within be exhibited for all to see. However, a series of unfortunate events soon befalls many who came into contact with the time-lost corpse. Several archaeologists lie into comas, miners have died in frankly ridiculous accidents, and there has been an outbreak of a particularly unfortunate bowel complaint amongst the museum staff. An inscription on the casket speaks of a curse... Should you take this ancient threat seriously?

Choices :

To encourage paying visitors, open the exhibition personally, and shake the mummy's dead hand before the cameras. What could go wrong?

  • Modifies the Economic axis towards Individualism
  • Prosperous on CityWithMine for ∞
  • Chances of triggering another narrative event

Our recent breakthroughs in microbiology will enable our scientists to ascertain the truth behind the superstition.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Progress
  • Science Investing on CityWithMine for ∞
  • Chances of triggering another narrative event

Not for you is an ignoble death, due to some deadly malediction from beyond the grave. To calm all fears, return the casket to from whence it came.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Tradition
  • Superstitious on CityWithMine for ∞
  • +30 on {0}