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Cul-de-sac of Shame

You awake to unwelcome news that a run-down, dead-end street in a particularly squalid part of {0} has been renamed after you. {0}'s town-planners claim it is a honest mark of respect, intended to inspire civic pride, but given that the world's great powers look at you like something which fell off their shoe, the contentious cul-de-sac is surely an egregious act of ridicule. Indeed, mocking graffiti springs up across {0} in its wake. What would constitute an appropriate response?

Choices :

Reduce public spending in |MyEmpire| as a penalty for this outrage. It will be good for the purse, and a deterrent to others.

  • Parsimonious on {0_City} for ∞
  • Modifies the Order axis towards Authority
Play Along

Pay for the seediest, saddest street in every city to be given your name. Laugh, and the world laughs with you.

  • -200
  • Celebrating on AllMyCities for ∞
  • Modifies the Order axis towards Liberty

Transform the street and those around it into a vibrant new food quarter. A far more fitting tribute to your greatness...

  • -200
  • Bountiful on {0_City} for ∞
  • Modifies the Economic axis towards Collectivism