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We Become Death

Grave tidings. A letter from one of your most eminent scientists warns that the specter of nuclear holocaust has been unleashed on the world. Citing an extremely reliable source, they make clear that a rival empire has developed nuclear technology that might herald a new atomic age and weapons of mass destruction. What will your response be?

Choices :

The very survival of the empire is at stake. Every last soldier must step up against this grave threat.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards Homeland
  • Ferocious on AllMyUnits for ∞

Further investment in our existing uranium tech will bring us closer to being a nuclear superpower ourselves.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards World
  • Unlocks Technology Nuclear Fission
  • -3000

We'll inspire a new generation of physicists and engineers to help counter the specter of nuclear annihilation.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Progress
  • Learning on AllMyCities for ∞

We already possess the technology ourselves. The threat of retaliation is the best means against their use.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards Homeland
  • Forces choice Nuclear Proliferation for Civics Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are the greatest threat to humanity. Disarmament is the right policy.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards World
  • Forces choice Nuclear Disarmament for Civics Nuclear Weapons