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Mortuary, Anyone?

Disposal of the dead is a greater concern now that roots have been made and your outpost's population is growing. In fact, a delay in performing last rites on some recent dead has attracted wolves, threatening the balance of the departing spirits and jeopardizing their path to the other world. The protection of the tribe is at stake! Do you embrace new ways of administering last rites or stick with the old customs? What should be done?

Choices :

A fiery ceremony to honor the dead—especially our warriors—will give renewed strength to all.

  • Ferocious on MyUnits for ∞

Cleansing the bodies will ensure no animals seek the dead and agitate the spirits—and help us learn about our mortal vessels.

  • +2

Tradition dictates the dead be left to the wilds. Maybe the wolves can be tamed to protect the bodies…

  • -25% on Domestication research cost