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Legion of the Dead

The battle against the other tribe was fierce, but your people emerged victorious. Perhaps fighting now that you possess an outpost—and homelands—spurred your tribe to greater heights of courage. In the aftermath, between the fallen of the enemy and your own side, there are many who are due last rites. Some of the tribe ask that a resting ground be created close to an outpost so the dead can be honored, while others want the bodies burnt where they lie. What should happen to the fallen?

Choices :

Bringing home our dead well preserved and ready for burial will challenge our best minds.

  • +2

All the fallen will be stacked high on a pyre. The fire will give strength to our tribes in the area.

  • +25 Experience on creating Units on all Cities

We will treat our own fallen with respect, but the enemy can be fed to our dogs—saving us food.

  • Bountiful on MyOutpost for ∞