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Violent Pursuits

The last winter was especially harsh, the ground hard, and the frost chilling to the bone. In the heart of the settlement, the tribe huddled close to share warmth through the coldest days, but for some it wasn't enough. Some needed to get their blood flowing—and they found a means through violent games. Grappling, fighting, contests of strength and endurance. One contest, where opponents fight with hide-bound fists, has gained quite a following—to the point that the outpost's usual foraging missions are under threat. What is your say on this new pursuit?

Choices :

The toughening of the tribe is worth the cost to our foraging capacity.

  • -2 Food
  • +25 Experience on creating Units on all Cities

These games will be forbidden, the tribe encouraged to stay warm by foraging faster.

  • Bountiful on MyOutpost for ∞

We should allow these contests, but only at decreed times of the year.

  • -25% on Domestication research cost