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A Tribe's Legacy

You stand at a crossroads. For many moons the tribe has trekked the wilderness, slowly, tortuously, learning the secrets of this world: How the materials hidden in the deep places—and in plain sight—might be fashioned to the tribe's advantage; how the beasts and plants of the lands and seas can be most fruitfully harvested; and how myths and stories can glacially but inescapably give power over our greatest enemies, other tribes. Now you must decide in what domain the tribe will truly sharpen its knowledge for the ages to come. Will you be renowned as makers, farmers, or charmers?

Choices :

Only a lack of imagination will limit what we might one day fashion with our hands.

  • Adds Wattle and Daub Legacy Trait

We will study the land and all its riches, and we will never lack for sustenance.

  • Adds Plant Lore Legacy Trait

We will create myths that spread our renown, our beliefs, well beyond our lands.

  • Adds Astronomy Legacy Trait