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The Forest in the Sky

The Forest in the Sky

The cornerstone of what will one day become the magnificent Notre Dame has been laid, yet much labor still lies ahead before the wonder stands completed. Already in one of the empire's oldest forests, giant, ancient trees are being marked for use as the massive timbers that will form the structure of the roof, but one wild-eyed man is unhappy. As speaker for the wilds, he claims these woodlands are sacred, and demands the oak is sourced elsewhere. He promises a rich harvest if you heed his words—and a reckoning if you don't. What do you do?

Choices :

Sourcing the wood from the empire's hinterlands will cost, but |MyWonderCity| will eat well.

  • Modifies the Economic axis towards Individualism
  • Bountiful on MyWonderCity for ∞

Enemies of the empire must be punished—and the citizens of |MyWonderCity| must understand the importance of Notre Dame.

  • Modifies the Order axis towards Authority
  • Force-Labored on MyWonderCity for ∞

Our faith means more than our forests. What can one man do against the will of an empire?

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Tradition
  • Parsimonious on MyWonderCity for ∞