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Para Bellum Wonders Pack
Blood and Games

Blood and Games

News spreads quickly throughout the empire—war with {0} has begun. To prepare for hostilities, it will be vital to use every means at your disposal. The magnificent Colosseum, and its bench of contenders for the gladiators' combats, will bolster efforts in {0}. This raucous site of spectacle is home to capable fighters, who may either take up arms to defend the city or battle in the ring to stoke the citizens' fervor. What are your orders for the arena?

Choices :

Better for gladiators to protect the city than waste their strength on games.

  • Spawn 2 Gladiators Units at MyColosseumDistrict.

These glorious combats whet our people's appetite for war—and victory.

  • +10 War Support against Empire