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A Watery Grave

The great coastal city of {0} sends fishing crews far up and down the surrounding coastline. Now one of the new crews has made a startling discovery—wreckage of an ancient galley lying well preserved in shallow waters. After brief scouting, an experienced diver offers to explore with their gang, and promises a fixed pay-off for the empire. They warn that the expedition isn't for the inexperienced. What is your choice?

Choices :

Our military can explore the wreckage alone—the rewards are worth the risk.

  • Modifies the Geopolitical axis towards Homeland
  • Chance of unexpected consequences

A professional should be used. A risk-fee reward is worth losing some of the full bounty.

  • Modifies the Economic axis towards Individualism
  • +150

We should let the dead sleep, lest we offend their old gods.

  • Modifies the Social axis towards Tradition
  • Fanatical on CoastalCity for ∞