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Monumental Contractors

The construction plans have been put away, the workers have been sent home, and the happy owner of one new Cultural Wonder is surveying their glorious prize. That means it is time to collect your fees for contributing to this impressive project. Which reward do you prefer?

Choices :

Everything has its price. You'll take payment in cold, hard cash.

  • %SimulationEventEffect_ArtificialWonderParticipationReward_Money

Credit where credit is due. Your name will be engraved for the ages on this incredible site.

  • %SimulationEventEffect_ArtificialWonderParticipationReward_Influence

There's no rush. For now, you'll consider this a favor... and someday expect a favor in return.

  • %SimulationEventEffect_ArtificialWonderParticipationReward_Leverage