Technology Tree

As its name implies, the Technology Tree contains the different Technologies players can unlock during a game of Humankind. Each Technology unlocks a different set of gameplay elements that can be used to improve your Empire, including:

Each Technology is tied to a specific Era : you can only research Technologies that are part of your current and previous Eras.

Many Technologies have a prerequisite Technology that must be researched first. This is shown in the Technology Tree by a link, represented by a line, between the Technology and its prerequisite. Note that when a Technology has multiple prerequisites you only need to research one of these to make it available: there are multiple research paths available!

Scientific Research

New available Technologies can be unlocked by selecting them in the Technology Tree. Once selected, any Science produced by your Empire, so from your Cities’ production or from exploration, will be invested in researching the Technology. It will be unlocked once the total amount of Science invested in it is greater than or equal to its Science cost.

Events and Osmosis

Though Technologies are generally unlocked by accumulating Science, specific situations can also cause a Technology to be unlocked immediately: