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There is a single goal in Humankind, which is to leave a lasting mark on history by having the most famous civilization at the end of a game. Everything you do, from fighting Battles to erecting Cities, will contribute to this goal by earning you Fame.

The game will end after a fixed number of turns, or, optionally when one of the following conditions are met:

Triggering the end does not mean winning the game though! Only Fame defines the winner: it’s about the journey, not the destination!


Fame in Humankind is an abstract resource that is earned several ways. Once earned it can never be lost and is used to measure which player has won at the end of a game. It may also confer you a special title linked to the current amount of Fame you possess.

You can earn Fame by:

Era Stars

Era Stars are short and midterm objectives that you can reach in a single Era with your current Culture. They cover the seven gameplay Affinities, and there is an eighth one which appears in special cases.

Each Era Star has three levels in a single Era. A player needs to obtain at least seven Era Stars to have the option to progress to the next Era, but they can choose to remain in their current Era and obtain as many Era Stars as they want -- even all of them!

World Deeds

A World Deed is a competitive deed that can be accomplished only once in a game. It will grant a variable Fame amount as a reward. If two players complete the same World Deed in the same turn, then both of them get the reward.

Game End

There are multiple ways to end a game:

Something important to note though: ending the game doesn’t always mean winning it! What matters is Fame after all, and even though ending a game grants a nice amount of it, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be the most famous one.