#Eras and Cultures


An Era is an abstract representation of a period of history, and a portion of a Humankind game. It comes with Era Stars, potentially new Resources, and its own set of Technologies and Units. Many gameplay parameters and formulas are also tied to the current Era.

We currently have seven Eras:

Each player will always have one active Culture in a given Era, except the Neolithic when everyone begins as a wandering Tribe. Once players have achieved enough Era Stars, they can advance to the next Era by evolving into a new Culture or by Transcending with their current Culture.


When you attain enough Era Stars, you will be notified that you can adopt a new Culture. Evolving into a new Culture means you will be rewarded with a new Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter and Emblematic Unit. You may also get a new Affinity if the Culture you choose has a different one from your current one.

Adopting a Culture means locking that Culture for other Empires ; they won’t be able to adopt it too if another player has already adopted it.

You can also choose to delay your move to the next Era in order to earn more Era Stars and therefore more Fame. Era Star objectives become harder and harder as Eras go by, so staying in an Era to grab some more Era Stars may be worth it.


A Culture represents the gameplay incarnation of some of Earth’s peoples or civilizations at a given moment in history. In gameplay terms, a Culture is one strand in a player’s evolving civilization. Each Culture always comes with:


In Humankind, each Culture is affiliated to one of seven Affinities. Each comes with a passive bonus and a special ability you can only use while being a Culture with that Affinity. They also grant you more Fame towards their associated Era Star:

Emblematic Quarter & Unit

In addition to the Legacy Trait, each Culture is also represented through a unique Emblematic Quarter and Unit. The Emblematic Quarter is a powerful District that can be built in Cities, potentially transforming player strategy around its strength. The Emblematic Unit is an iconic fighting Unit that captures a memorable aspect of the Culture’s military side, often with unique gameplay abilities.

When a player evolves their Culture they lose the ability to create additional Emblematic Quarters of their prior Culture, but they do keep the ones that already exist, helping to mark the Empire’s past in the present. Their Legacy Trait continues to apply however, and they can keep building their previous Emblematic Units until new technologies render them obsolete.


When moving into a new Era, evolving into another Culture is not the only option available. Perhaps you’ve developed a special bond to your current Culture – maybe it’s a fondness for the Emblematic District, or maybe it’s just your Avatar’s clothes – whatever the reason, maintaining your Culture is a completely valid choice.

Changing Era without changing Culture is called Transcendence. You keep your current Affinity and Emblematic Quarter, and to reflect the prestige of such a move on the world stage, every future Fame bonus is granted a 10% boost.

What’s more, this boost is cumulative, so if, for example, you Transcend your Ancient Era Nubians through the Classical Era and into the Medieval Era, you’ll enjoy a +20% boost every time you gain Fame! Who would you like to bring into the future to see how they survive?