As soon as you meet another Empire, you unlock the Embassy. These special buildings embody your desire to find peaceful outcomes for the conflicts that may and will arise between you and others.

Embassies can be placed anywhere in your Empire. While they are expensive, multiple Cities can contribute to their construction.

Once their construction is complete, the Embassy tab in the Diplomacy screen will be enabled.

Leverage Actions

Completing the construction of your own Embassy will provide the ability to perform “Leverage Actions,” which unlock with each passing Era. These Leverage Actions provide different methods of applying pressure against other Empires to either protect your interests or harm their own, and most are available both during Peace and War.


When both sides in a diplomatic relationship have built their own Embassy, this opens opportunities for more in-depth collaboration and exchange between Empires. New Agreements will be available for both Empires to propose and sign, which will enable powerful two-way effects:

Destroying the Embassy of either signing Empire will halt its Agreements. However, once the Embassy has been rebuilt, the Agreements are automatically resumed. If someone does destroy your Embassy through ransacking or by taking control of your City, it will create a Grievance for all players who have already signed an Agreement with you.