The balance of power is key to diplomatic relationships in Humankind, but it is always changing. With new Agent Units, you will have the tools to make precise interventions aimed at shifting the balance in your favor.

Agents are Land Units that, once unlocked, can be built in your Cities. The number of Agents that can be owned simultaneously is capped for each Empire; initially you can have as many Agents as there are Empires in your game, although each Diplomatic culture you choose to play will increase that cap by one.

There are two kinds of Agents: Envoys and Spies.

The Envoy

Envoys are diplomatic representatives of your Empire and can be unlocked by researching the “Wheel” Technology. They enjoy unrestricted movement on the map, can move farther when using Roads and are able to cross borders without Trespassing. On the other hand, Envoys are unable to take aggressive actions – they cannot ransack Districts or attack other Units. If your Envoy is attacked by a rival Empire, it will automatically generate a Grievance.

Envoys are able to collect Leverage Curiosities that they encounter on the map. Moreover, they have influential effects when staying within the borders of other Empires:

The Spies

For those who prefer to work in the shadows, Spies and their upgrade, Spymasters, are the way to go.

Spies will be available for recruitment once you’ve unlocked the “War Summons” Technology. As a subtype of Agents, they will also be able to collect the Leverage Curiosities that they encounter on the map.

By using the Stealth mechanic, Spies can infiltrate other Empires’ Territories unnoticed to perform their special actions:

Spies can be upgraded into Spymasters, which are unlocked with the discovery of the “Military Coordination” Technology, and offer you even more ways to meddle with other Empires. Spymasters can have access to the following additional actions:

In the Contemporary Era, unlocking the “Computing” Technology will enable Spies to have a longer range for Track an Army and Undermine an Army.

The time required for Spies and Spymasters to set up or perform their actions is related to how many other Spy Units are in their Army, and their Veterancy levels. Successfully completing missions will enable these Units to gain Veterancy over time.