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Agronomy Lab
Emblematic culture
  • +1 Food per Population
  • -10 Stability
  • +3 Food per adjacent Farmers Quarter
  • +1 Farmers Slot on City or Outpost
  • Count as " Farmers Quarter"
(80 + (20 * (District - 1) ^ 1.15)) + ((District - 1) * 0.85) ^ 2.03
For :
District = 2.00
Result = 100.72

Agronomy Lab

By developing technologies, knowledge, and technical information related to soils and crops this lab can transform food yields.

A central sector in the politics and economy of Brazil up until the 1940s, agriculture remains one of the country’s key economic activities to this day. Despite the growth of industry and added-value services, raw agricultural products still represented nearly 15% of the country’s total exports in the mid-2000s. Research promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture in the middle of the 1970s led to significant progress in agronomics, particularly in the field of plant and animal genetics. Scientific breakthroughs linked to this research made it possible to select, adapt, and improve livestock and crops, and to formulate many new types of fertilizer. Today, Brazil is among the world’s leading producers of coffee, sugarcane, oranges, soya, eggs, milk, beef, pork, and poultry.