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Botteghe di Artisti
Emblematic culture
  • +2 Money

  • +4 Influence

  • -10 Stability

  • +2 Influence per adjacent District

  • +1 Money on Tile producing Money

  • Count as " Market Quarter"

(80 + (20 * (District - 1) ^ 1.15)) + ((District - 1) * 0.85) ^ 2.03
For :
District = 2.00
Result = 100.72

Botteghe di Artisti

A district of artists' workshops. When financed by wealthy patrons, Venetian creators can flourish—and wield considerable cultural influence.

Botteghe di artisti means "artists' studios or workshops" in Italian. For many centuries the term was used to describe sites of artistic production, commerce, and training where the maestro would pass on his knowledge to the young apprentices. These interdisciplinary spaces, which also attracted specialists from other disciplines, promoted creative expression and experimentation while allowing artists to attain new skills and learn more about the arts and sciences. In the 16th century, Venice was the center of the humanist movement that was slowly gaining ground in Europe. Venetian art was then at its peak and patrons were pushing artists to explore both profane and sacred subject matters in their work. The works from the end of the Renaissance period are examples of this search for an ideal of beauty and harmony between man and nature. Artists such as Titian or Tintoretto would profoundly influence the history of art.