An Outpost is the first construction you can build in a neutral Territory. Successfully building it means claiming the Territory. Building Outposts is mandatory to grow and spread your Empire.


Placing an Outpost is an Army action which costs Influence. The Influence cost depends on the number of Territories you already control, the new Territory’s distance from your nearest City (if you have a city) and will cost more if it’s under the Influence of another Empire.

Choosing the right tile to place an Outpost on is crucial, the higher the FIMS, the faster its economy will develop.

Once an Outpost has been placed, it begins being constructed. Part of the construction meter will automatically be filled based on the Combat Strength of the Army who placed it. It only applies for when the Army is placing the Outpost; keeping the Army on the Outpost won’t help it complete faster. The Outpost will also exploit adjacent Tiles, using the Industry collected to finish its own construction.

Alternatively, the Outpost can be completed instantly by paying Money.


Once built, the Outpost will passively grow population according to the Food it exploits.

The Outpost can build a list of Constructibles :

All the constructions are built using the exploited Industry and can be bought out with Money. If the Culture is ‘nomadic’, it can also produce military Units for a Population cost.

Units can also be disbanded into Outposts to grant them Population.

The Outpost also has the ability to be relocated in a new tile within the territory. It is a constructible that costs as much Industry as the Outpost.

Transition to City

Once an Outpost reaches one Population, you unlock a Constructible to transform the Outpost into a City. It only requires one Population and doesn’t consume it. It has an Industry cost and can be bought out with Money to be completed instantly. Once finished, the Outpost is transformed into a City with all its advantages.

Note that certain ‘nomadic’ Cultures, including the starting Neolithic Culture are unable to build Cities.

Lastly, note that your first City will be created instantly at no cost, and will become your Empire’s Capital.

Attaching an Outpost

A City can attach an Outpost if they’re adjacent by paying a certain amount of Influence. The cost is based on the number of Outposts already attached to the City, and on whose sphere of influence the Territory is a part of: Territories under foreign influence are more difficult to attach.

When an Outpost becomes attached to a City, the City benefits from the attached Territory’s exploitations, but it is no longer possible to queue constructions in the Territory: The Construction Queues from the City and Outpost are merged together.

Once an Outpost becomes attached to a City, players can detach it for free, but you’ll need to pay the attach cost again if you want to re-attach it.

Only Cities and Outposts attached to Cities count toward the Expansionist Era Star.